Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy

Neuropathy can affect many different aspects of your life: walking, sitting, sleeping, your ability to enjoy relationships, socialize and much more. If you think you’ve tried “everything” without getting the lasting results you want, then you may be a candidate for our NEUROPATHY RECOVERY program. There is an explanation as to why other treatments failed. The reason for this failure is because they were designed to simply cover upyour symptoms instead of correcting the underlying cause of the nerve damage.

There is a tremendous difference between covering up symptoms and fixing the underlying problem. Why settle for “Band-Aid care” when you could potentially correct the problem?

Imagine, Tapping Into The Natural, Scientific Principles of Actually Healing The Nerves.

What makes a nerve healthy and what causes nerve damage? How can you naturally “tip-the-balance” toward healing the nerves while also removing the cause of your damaged nerves?

The good news is that the principles behind this program work with both diabetic and many non-diabetic types of neuropathy.

Our patients have learned the insider secrets to recovery because they have already begun their individualized Neuropathy Recovery program and are experiencing amazing results! Now You Can Too!

Finally, a comprehensive program for correction is available to you: A powerful combination of Functional Neurology and Bio-Medical Nutrition that packs a powerful punch in overcoming your neuropathy problems!

This is why we are offering you a risk free introduction: For a limited time only, your first treatment is on us! NO Charge! Come see if what We have to offer is what you have been hoping and praying for.

On your first FREE visit you’ll receive:

  • A medical history where we learn about your problem in detail and really listen to you!
  • An examination which will grade your neuropathy symptoms as to type and severity.
  • All the available information and tests from our office and other doctors is correlated to see if you are a candidate for our NEUROPATHY RECOVERY program.

If you are a candidate for our program, we will present to you a comprehensive treatment care plan designed to get to the root cause of your neuropathy thus facilitating the maximum recovery possible allowed by your body.

If you are not a candidate, we will be honest with you and tell you why.

So, If you’re tired of the medical merry-go-round of cover-up care, then this program is for you.

At this point you may be asking:

“Why hasn’t my regular doctor told me about this approach?” The answer is simply because it doesn’t fit into the standard model of giving medications to cover up the symptoms. THE NEUROPATHY RECOVERY program is a functional approach to correcting the underlying CAUSE of your problem,.

Call CHRIS HARRISON CHIROPRACTIC: 205-823-5931 to schedule your consultation and examination.

Diabetic – Circulatory Neuropathy Treatment Program:

No matter what you have been told by other doctors, The good news is that THERE IS AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT FOR NEUROPATHY. The symptoms of which are:

  • Pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling
  • Hot/cold

OR difficulty with …

  • Walking
  • Climbing Stairs
  • Standing
  • Typing or Using tools?

No other treatment program in the world is as effective for neuropathy as the NEUROPATHY RECOVERY program.

You probably realize that NEUROPATHY is a very serious condition and that putting off care can result in permanent damage to the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and skin of the foot, ankle and leg. In advanced cases, open sores and ulcers caused by the neuropathy, can lead to amputation of the toes, the foot, and sometimes even the leg due to massive infection known as GANGRENE when the condition is not treated or not treated properly. Therefore, it is essential for you to be properly diagnosed and treated NOW, not later, to avoid the horrific problems that can come about from waiting to start care.

Neuropathy Background:

Approximately 40% of Neuropathy is caused by Diabetes, the other 60% is due to poor blood flow, lack of exercise, obesity, medications, chemo therapy, and kidney failure/dialysis. At the root of the problem is a severely decreased blood flow (poor circulation) thereby restricting the delivery of oxygen, red and white blood cells, and nutrition to the toes and feet. Some of the first signs of Neuropathy are: shuffling of the feet, and a thickening and yellowing of the toenails. As the condition progresses, the feet may become very cold or hot and burning. Also, you can experience numbness, tingling and pain. The skin on the lower legs, ankles, and feet may turn yellow or brown and starts to break down, leading to tissue destruction which necessitates surgery and amputation.

Our unique treatment utilizes the Tesla Technology Muscle Stimulator which creates painless, deep muscle and blood vessel contractions throughout all of the tissue near and around the electro-pads (feet ankles and toes). By creating deep muscle contractions, the blood within the blood vessels is forced to move several times faster than normal, pushing it into the tiny blood vessels called capillaries, much faster and under higher pressure than normal; similar to a pressure washer. As the red blood cells squeeze into the capillaries at higher velocity they give up their oxygen, and nutrition and therefore start the healing process immediately.

In the case of diabetes, the body experiences the added problem of the red blood cells sticking and clumping together due to their excess sugar, thereby further restricting them from entering the capillaries. The only way to overcome this clumping is to increase the velocity and/or pressure of the blood flow so the cells can squeeze into the capillary openings and deliver their payload of essential life-giving elements. This then is the essence of the miraculous healing properties of the TESLA TECHNOLOGY..

Most patients find our treatments to be comfortable. In fact, nearly all say the Tesla stimulation is very soothing to their sore feet and ankles. To most people it feels relaxing like a gentle, soothing, electronic massage to the feet and legs. The whole process usually takes about 45 min. You can talk on the phone, watch TV, read a book, or just unwind and relax while taking the treatments..

Essential to your treatment program is your commitment to the care for as long as it takes to get the job done. Just ‘trying a few treatments” is a complete waste of time, energy and money; both yours and ours. We have collected data on thousands of patients nationally and know that the process of reducing the Neuropathy symptoms of pain, numbness, and inflammation, as well as regenerating damaged nerves and blood vessels in the toes and feet (hands and arms) requires months of treatment. It is a Biological fact that nerves only regenerate at the rate of 1 millimeter per month. In the case of most neuropathies, there are many millimeters of damaged nerves and capillaries that need to be re-grown in order to repair the damage the neuropathy has caused.

Therefore As A Patient … You Must Be Patient!

In order to beat this most difficult of conditions, you must be willing to make Your Treatment Program Your Top Priority. If you choose coming to our office for your care, it is very important to be on time and to keep all of your care plan visits. If you choose to utilize the home care plan, it is very important to discipline yourself to take all of the treatments set out by the care plan prescribed by your doctor and to come into the office for your scheduled examinations.

P.S. We now have a real and effective treatment for neuropathy. No matter where you are in the progression of neuropathy, NOW IS THE TIME TO START YOUR CARE. Neuropathy is a progressive condition and rarely goes away by itself. Without proper care it almost always gets worse as time goes on. There is no reason to live in pain and misery.

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