What Can I Expect?

Your First Office Visit

Your first office visit is important for many reasons and we thought it a good idea to familiarize you with our procedures so it will be easy for you when you come in. So let’s go over it step by step.

  1. Complete the 4 page medical history. You can do this at home by going to our website: www.drchrisharrison.com and going to New Patient Center. Click on forms and download the 4 page medical history. If you don’t have a computer, just come in 15 or 20 minutes before your appointment time and complete the history here.

  2. When you arrive, please sign in on the sign in sheet at the front desk. While we are completing your file, you will be given some interesting information to read about chiropractic.

  3. As you are escorted to the examination room, you will be asked to park your cell phone at the front desk as Dr. Harrison does not want any interruptions during the consultation and examination.

  4. When Dr. Harrison enters the room, he will introduce himself and he likes to engage in a little chit chat to get to know you on a personal basis and he wants you to know him on a personal basis. We are a family here at Chris Harrison Chiropractic and you will be treated as a family member. Next, Dr. Harrison will very carefully go over your 4 page medical history. This is very important and he may ask you some additional questions should he need more information. Next, Dr. Harrison will consult with you about the problem or problems that you came in for. When he has completed that part of the consultation, he will inform you if he feels that he can help you with the problem or problems that you came in for. If he thinks that he will not be able to help you, he will tell you so and may refer you to a doctor who may be able to help you. If your case is one that he feels that he can help, the next step is to proceed to the examination.

  5. At this point the free initial consultation is over and you are free to leave and there is absolutely no charge to you. If you want to proceed with the examination, then Dr. Harrison will tell you exactly what todays fees are. Your case may require imaging and he will inform you what imaging needs to be done. We send you to a medical radiologist for your imaging and your insurance usually covers 100% of those fees. Dr. Harrison reads all of the imaging himself and correlates his findings with those of the radiologist. You will be charged a nominal fee for Dr. Harrison to read that imaging and for correlating the radiologist’s reading. Once the imaging is received in our office Dr. Harrison puts all of the information from the consultation, medical history, physical examination, and imaging together and makes a diagnosis and a care plan that is made specifically for your unique condition. When the care plan is ready, you will be scheduled for a report of findings. In that report of findings you will be shown the imaging and informed exactly what is wrong and how it will be corrected. If you are in a lot of pain, emergency care may be rendered immediately. Your wellbeing is always a priority for us.

Your Second Office Visit

When Dr. Harrison has read the imaging and reviewed the consultation, the medical history and any other reports that you may have brought to him, he puts all of this information together and arrives at the appropriate diagnosis. Then he makes a care plan that is carefully thought out to address all of the following components of your case:

  1. What exactly is the problem.

  2. What are the causes of your problem. Was it caused by trauma, by how you sleep, by the shoes you wear, by what you do at work all day, etc, etc, etc.

  3. The number of office visits that will be needed to correct your problem. Chiropractic is unlike medicine where you go in and get a shot or a pill and you’re out the door. Chiropractic involves strains and sprains that necessitate multiple visits to retrain muscles, tendons, and ligaments. That is why multiple chiropractic visits are needed to correct your problem.

  4. When you fully understand what the problem is and what it will take to correct your problem, Dr. Harrison will tell you what the fees will be for the entire care plan and what the financial policies are. Then Dr. Harrison will take you to the adjusting room and start your care.

Your Third And Subsequent Office

In your second office visit, Dr. Harrison went through your report of findings, your care plan, finances, and administered your first adjustment/treatment. Now, on your third office visit, you will continue on your scheduled care plan sequence. Your care plan may call for just a few visits or several visits, depending on your condition. The following are some things to consider:

  1. Please arrive 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. If 4 patients all come in just 10 minutes late we will be 40 minutes behind schedule. We try our best to keep on time and we thank you for helping us by being on time.

  2. We expect that you will give us at least 24 hours notice (weekends not included) if you have to miss your scheduled appointment (48 hours or more is even better). If you do not give us at least 24 hours notice you will be charged a missed appointment fee. No hard feelings here, but we have found over the years that if we do not charge the missed appointment fee, some folks feel like it’s all right just to not show up without notifying us in advance. We have reserved your appointment time just for you and if you miss an appointment we cannot recoup that lost time. Money is time and time is money.

  3. Dr. Harrison does his best to figure out how many visits that will be needed to bring your health concern to a successful conclusion. Sometimes he over shoots the number of visits needed and sometimes he undershoots the number of office visits needed and he will add or subtract your number of office visits when necessary. Please remember this: Dr. Harrison does not base the number of visits only on the pain or symptoms that you have been concerned with. Rather, he uses your symptoms as part of the determination process but relies more on the objective tests that he uses when he determines when to release you from care or continue on for additional visits. It is not wise to discontinue care based solely when the pain or symptoms are gone.

  4. Please know that Dr. Harrison is always available to discuss your care and encourages your questions and input. It is your body, mind, and spirit that is the main concern here and he wants you to know as much as possible about your condition and the state of your progress.

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